Media & Photos

Fox Business, Opening Bell: Germanwings Crash

Fox News, Your World” Germanwings Crash

Fox Business, Varney & Co: Rescuers face tough terrain in France

Fox Business, Cavuto: U.S.-Israeli Relations

Fox News, Fox & Friends: Obama’s Trip to the Phoenix VA

Fox Business: Cavuto, ISIS Finding New Avenues for Funding

MSNBC, The Rundown: Iraq Fights Back in Tikrit

Fox Business, Varney & Co. Iraq Lauches Assault to Take Back Tikrit from ISIS

MSNBC, The Rundown: Stopping ISIS in Iraq

Fox Business, Cavuto: Germany’s Merkel Showing Leadership

Fox Business, Cavuto: Dangers of Dismissing ISIS

Fox News, Hannity: Brian Williams Misremembers 

Fox News, America’s Newsroom: Brian Williams Blames the Fog of War

The Rundown, MSNBC: ISIS Hostage Crisis Unfolding

Fox & Friends, Fox News: Strategies to Defeat ISIS

The Shepard Report, Fox News: Leaked Info Compromises Mission Tactics

 The Real Story, Fox News: Matter of Time Before ISIS Attacks the West

 The Shepard Report, Fox News: Germany Arms Kurdish Peshmerga

Fox & Friends, Fox News: Missing Malaysian Flight
Hannity, Fox News: The Obama Effect & the Military
Willis Report, Fox Business: Military on Food Stamps
Hannity, Fox News: Great American Panel
Hannity, Fox News: 2013 Year in Review
America’s News Headquarters, Fox News: Military & Budget Deal
Wilkow!, The Blaze: Women in the Military
Hannity, Fox News: Future of Obamacare
The Kudlow Report, CNBC: Hiring Our Heroes, Veterans Day
Hannity, Fox News: Obamacare
Wilkow! on The Blaze TV: Defend Freedom
Fox & Friends, Fox News: Defend Freedom Tour
Hannity, Fox News: Debt Ceiling
Fox & Friends, Fox News: Government Shutdown
Fox & Friends, Fox News: Benghazi 
America Live with Megyn Kelly, Fox News: Walter Reed
Amber with her two sisters and Olivia Wilde in NYC

Amber with her two sisters and Olivia Wilde in NYC

Preparing for a flight in Iraq

Preparing for a flight in Iraq

Rappelling with the U.S. Army

Rappelling with the U.S. Army

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